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Le Plateau Mont Royal Backyard Transformation

Having recently arrived to Montreal, our clients fell in love with the free -spirited, vibrant and ethnoculturally diverse Le Plateau Mont Royal and hired us to add the finishing touches to their new home......replace the back yard deck with a replica of their Vancouver four season sun room and link their separate guesthouse to the main home to make access possible during the winter months. 

To build the sun room, we re-oriented the deck and exposed the basement window under it for safe and quick fire escape. The grade below the rest of deck area was lowered 5 ft to create a storage area and the deck was enclosed and insulated. Steel roofing was installed eliminating the need for outdoor maintenance. An artful blend of two Maibec styles and solid colors gave the exterior sun room height and volume and contemporary warmth. A rustic charm was created in the interior with the reclaimed brick walls, white washed pine ceiling and hardwood floors. The tilt and turn style windows provide ultimate versatility allowing draft free ventilation and rain protection when opened and the classic look of a picture window when closed. 

A Georgian- inspired covered walkway was constructed adding aesthetic interest to the backyard of the home while connecting the new sunroom addition to the separate guesthouse. The fixed but removable french doors provide a cool, breezy semi-enclosed space in the summer months. Sleek skylights with steel roof around them gave the walkway roof protection and abundant light, flagstone with a snow melting coil system keeps the walkway snow free during the winter. The flagstone was extended to the backyard creating a new patio area for outdoor dining. 

Our most creative outdoor transformation yet and we thank our clients for entrusting us to achieve their vision.

Seri was open to our ambitious ideas and helped us realize this project using high quality materials.

Our sunroom and walkway spaces  have turned out as the rooms we visualized. Thanks DIR!


Karla F. Le Plateau 

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