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Kirkland Bungalow Extension 

This 1960’s bungalow was in need of some tender loving care before it was ready to accept a second floor addition.  Phase 1 involved an extension to double the garage which also increased the family room footprint by 90 sq.ft. A French drain and blue skin membrane were also installed.

The front entrance was remodeled with a new vestibule which included a porch, columns and new steps and we raised the asphalt grade.

The basement walls were stripped and reframed and insulated and the carpet was replaced with laminate floors.  The wall separating the kitchen from the family room was removed to create an open concept kitchen-family room and a new breakfast bar was added to the kitchen creating more counter space.

The electrical supply was upgraded to a 200 AMP breaker to handle the Phase 2 second level addition. 









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