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Our  services include:

  • Installation of solid hardwoods, engineered hardwoods, laminate flooring, bamboo, and cork floor products.

  • Staircase remodelling


Hardwood refinishing services are offered as part of a full service remodeling project


Flooring Installation

In addition to high quality finishing techniques, proper hardwood installation at DIR Construction & Renovations  starts wtih proper surface preparation.  Before we begin installation we check that the sub-floor is secure, clean, level and free of squeaks and make the necessary repairs. Baseboards and moldings are also removed and occasionally doors are removed and adjusted to clear new hardwood floors.




Staircase Remodeling 


Provided your existing staircase is structurally sound, we wil design and implement a total remodel, tailored to your taste and budget.


We will replace all non-structural elements – handrail, spindles, even your newel posts – and refit them with new components in fine hardwoods, either alone or combined with wrought iron, stainless steel or glass.  Your remaining steps will be re-dressed in handsome wood veneers. Get the look you want- traditional, classic, contemporary or combine styles to make your personal statement.



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